Benefits of Planning Ahead

Why Plan a Funeral in Advance?

In life we plan for many situations: education, having a family, vacations, weddings and especially our retirement. We also purchase insurance to help us in case of accident, earthquake, fire or flood, but most of us fail to plan for the one thing that is sure to happen; our death.

Reasons to Pre-plan a Funeral:

■Helps prevent family conflict 

Does your family know what you want when you die? If you are like most people then they don’t. You may assume they do, and they may assume they do as well, but these assumptions may not be shared by everyone and that can result in conflict and despair. At times of great stress, people don’t act as they normally would, and minor problems can become unsurmountable.  Vital and long-lasting  family relationships can be badly damaged and may never recover, all because of the stress and difficult decisions that need to be made when someone dies.  Planning ahead ensures you can make rational and logical decisions at an unemotional time. When loved ones know your wishes, they have the comfort of knowing they are making an informed decision.

■Provides psychological and emotional benefits for your loved ones

Research shows that the number one reason people pre-plan their funeral is to eliminate the emotional burden of making difficult decisions for their children. Why is it important? It’s simple; one of the greatest challenges a family faces when a loved one dies is trying to determine what the deceased wanted. This lack of knowledge can be unbearable and can result in conflict pain and anxiety. When you tell people what you want, you are giving them one of the most important gifts they will ever receive. It’s the gift of knowing they did their best for you.

■Relieves your family of a financial burden.

It’s unfortunate but death comes with a financial cost. Depending on your wishes, and the circumstances of death, the cost can range from very inexpensive to very expensive. Paying for the funeral in advance ensures that your family won’t have to carry the financial burden, and the funeral won’t cost any more than you determine.

■Fulfills responsibility and provides  peace of mind 

The number two reason why people pre-plan their funeral is because it fulfills their sense of responsibility. Most people have lived their lives thoughtfully and responsibly, but many finish their lives differently than they lived. Pre-planning provides the comfort of knowing that you  lived your life responsibly, even at the end.

Reasons to Pay for a Funeral in Advance

■The funeral costs are guaranteed at today’s prices, eliminating inflation.

■The payment can be made in a single payment or monthly installments may be possible.

■The funeral plan may be transferrable to any funeral home in the world.

■The full amount of the funeral is often covered if a death occurs during a payment plan.

■The funds are protected, in the event that the selected funeral home is no longer in business, and can be assigned to any other funeral home.

■Many funeral plans come with accidental death coverage for Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren that covers their funeral expenses if they die accidentally,  at no extra cost.

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